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Developing a tagline or slogan

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We are often requested by companies to help them come up with a tagline for their business. We love working with companies in this area of their business because it requires that we attain a deep understanding of their business, competitors, and customers.


Often, companies will have taglines that are very descriptive of the service or products that they offer. For example, for a company like Clutch Marketing, you could use a tagline like “Custom Websites and Branding” or something like that. While accurate, it doesn’t really captivate the reader. Nor does it make any true promise of delivery to the reader in terms of expectations.

That’s why our actual slogan is “Make It Happen”. We developed this tagline back in 2010 and we wanted to communicate some 3 key points:

  1. We Deliver. Many times, we have been called into website, branding, and video projects where the timelines, resources, and direction were limited. We take it as our responsibility to not make excuses, but create solutions.
  2. Motivate the Reader. Not do we want to show that we make it happen, but we want to spur the reader (mostly potential clients) to take action and contact Clutch Marketing.
  3. Clutch is not just a website design company. Unlike many website design companies out there, Clutch Marketing is a marketing firm first and foremost. Instead of just listing our services or talking about website design, we want to talk more about our client’s overall goals.

Taglines are a great way to conceptualize the promise of your company and also summarize your company philosophy.  They can also becoming internal company mantras that employees can rally around.

If you are interested in developing a tagline for your business, contact us to get started.