Keeping Your Website Up To Date

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Since 2004, Clutch Marketing has worked on hundreds of websites with oragnizations of various indutries, sizes, requirements, and technologies. Over that time, we learned about how to make the most of a website given a companies' marketing needs, resources, and goals. 

In today's post, we wanted to discuss the framework of either managing a website internally or outsourcing to a website design company.

Managing a website in-house

There are situations where managing a website inhouse makes sense:

  • The updates happen frequently or daily
  • The updates require insight from or coodination with internal parties for content

We have clients where they do manage the website inhouse because of the reasons above. We also have clients that manage the website but have over time outsourced it to us for various reasons. Let“s look at situations where it makes sense to outsource.

Outsourcing website management

Depending on the needs of your firm, you may want to consider outsourcing the management of your website.

Reduced costs for website management

By outsourcing your website management on a monthly retainer basis, you can have predictable costs for your site. Many small to medium sized businesses also do not frequently update their website. Therefore, having a full-time employee that would cost a salary plus benefits may not be cost-effective. For example, hiring an internal marketing coordinator or website manager would cost starting at $45,000/year. Unless you are utilizing that person on a daily basis, it would be more cost effective to outsource a monthly contract of $1,000 to $2,000/month to a marketing firm which would fall into a range of $12,000 — $24,000/year. Further, you are not obligated to provide office space, benefits, and if you decide to end the contract, there is no need for severance. 

Experience and skillset

Outsourcing the website management also allows you to access marketing professioanls who are familiar with your website and have the skillset in place to hit the ground running. Clutch Marketing manages our clients sites are we are often called to do a variety of tasks that are often beyond the scope of skill of one employee.

Enhanced website services

Beyond the maintenance of content, Clutch Marketing also keeps the content management system for our clients up to date with the latest security patches, updates, and backing up site content.


Depending on your website needs, you may want to consider outsourcing your website management. If you would like to discuss your website management needs with us, please contact us.